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Our goal at Summit Prep is to help students raise their standardized and academic test scores and reach their potential on these exams, even when this potential is above their previous expectations. Summit Prep further aims to increase motivation and confidence to help students exceed beyond the standardized tests and better equip them for all levels of learning.

Our curriculum was created from an intensive study of the real tests, such as the last 15 years of ACT exams. If we teach it, it’s on the test. And, although true perfection may be impossible, that does not mean we ever stop pursuing it. We do not prescribe your child to a one-size fits all curriculum. We constantly adapt, update, and mold it to fit your child’s individual needs.

We are data driven. We have the scores of every one of our students before our services and after. The result? Even if students were working with another company before — even for an entire year — our average increase on the new SAT is still 210 points and 6 points on the ACT. Put us to the test. We’d love to help your child attain a better score and show them that they can not only reach their potential but that their potential is even better than they thought it could be.

We are passionate. Instruction without empathy, and education without passion, are vain semblances of a true education. We can only be effective teachers if we are genuinely concerned about the well-being of our students. Only then can we reach our own potential to teach and motivate and help our students meet their potential to learn and succeed. And, if we had no passion, then we would have no ability to inspire and our knowledge would seem hollow and unappealing. When students see that we care and see our ardor to teach them, they realize that what we teach is of consequence, what they learn matters.

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